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Top Weirdest Scents Found Online

The use of the candles dates back to over 5000 years. Initially the smells that came with them were quite ordinary but over time things have evolved and scented candles have gained popularity. Whereas most of those smells appear to be ones that people are familiar with, we started seeing the emergence of some that are weird. This article seeks to list some of the weirdest candles scents that you are going to come across on the internet.

One of the weirdest scents of the candles that you are going to find on the internet is the bacon one. It is believed that this smell is used widely considering the high preference that people have of the bacon. Actually, it has been shown that buying this type of candle will make you have the desire to eat the bacon.

If the smell of freedom evokes pleasant memories for you, you should consider going for the yankees candle stars and stripes candle. That would help you achieve the patriotic atmosphere in your house even when the Independence Day has come and passed. However, in place of having a candle that smells oppression and gun powder, they come with the weird scent of the sweet potpourri and cinnamon that is spicy. Click here for more information.

The best way that you can use to transform your home interior into a garden paradise practically is to go for the nest fragrances sir Elton john’s woodside weird scented candle. The use of this type of candles may be signaling to the use of the products that are being associated with celebrities.

Another of the weirdest scented candle that you are going to encounter on the internet is the soy one. When you use this kind of the candle, you will be able to fill your room with the smell of leather that is subtle, coffee, mahogany and driftwood. The effect of this is that you will get the impression that you are walking in a bookstore.

When you scour the internet, you are going to encounter another weirdest scented candle that will make you think that there is beer in your house. Not only does the candle smell like the beer but it is comes with the shape of the beer mug. This is considered as the candles that are mainly targeted towards men. If you are looking to access these different and weird scents in candles, choose a reputable store. Discover more at

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